Somaliland: army clashes with tribal militia and overpowers easily


Lasanod—-Heavy fighting between Somaliland Defense Forces and tribal militia loyal to Khatumo insurgents broke out early Saturday in the village of Kalabaydh. Reports confirm that there are casualties sustained by militants loyal to Khatumo which made a surprise attack against Somaliland defense forces stationed a camp.

Reports emerging from the clash indicate that both sides used all sorts of weapons.

Somaliland army easily overpowered the soldiers that launched the attack.

Preliminary reports stated that heavy casualties including death and injuries sustained by the militants.

The idea of creating a state within a government is a wishful thinking and a one that will not be viable in Somaliland.

The group of insurgents are driven by the doctrine that they want to sink the country into state of anarchy and chaos.

Somaliland successfully maintained law, order, stability and peace in the country ever since its inception.

The eastern regions in Somaliland are lagging behind the rest of the provinces in the country as there were insurgents that instigated violence.

The group so called Khatumo which is hard to achieve their goal, headed by Ali Khalif Galeydh who was the former Somalia Prime Minister and current Somalia Federal Lawmaker.