Bombing Money by International Aid organization in Somaliland


It is estimated that billions of dollars has circulated in Somaliland money markets, as to where that money comes from it is questionable. Over 20 ministry compound buildings were established, each one of them were given a contractor without official Tender (Tender usually refers to the process whereby governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline).

Numbers of non-government organizations have been operating in Somaliland with each one bombing millions of dollars without proper accountability. Those who implement the funds would be UNDP, EU, IMO, World Bank, Arab Aid Organizations. I mentioned only a few, but there are many other organizations.

One week ago, the Somaliland media published the articles that confirmed the National Election Commission (NEC) and IMO have corrupted the funds, which was allocated to educate the population for election processing. Just how much money? Nobody knows except those who are involved.

Every street that have constructed in Somaliland cities except the Saaxil region has been built by International Aid Organizations. Somaliland Business Fund is a trust fund managed by World Bank, and has been functioning for the past three years.

That money it went into the wrong hands and helped neither the needy business persons nor the growth of the economy. Once again, in middle of this year the Somaliland government and World Bank had signed a new agreement that allowed the World Bank to submit the fund directly to the government.

Burao has street lights and has been operating for the last month. The financiers was one of the aid organizations. How much did it cost? I did not know. However what I do know is the local municipality of the city has claimed and has taken the credit of the development.

The mayor has clearly stated those who build the street lights were a part of his local municipality in Burao. The contractor who built was a private company.

I do not know how that company would be rewarded by the Aid Organization. What this means is that the international aid has been bombing the huge amount of money in Somaliland. Many question need answering. Was that money accountable by donor countries or any responsible person? Exactly how much money has funded to each one of these programs? How much money, exactly, did they spend on the international aid Organizations in Somaliland for last five years?

What was the purpose of bombing the money of Somaliland by international organizations? And what is the reason behind bombing that amount of money? Allow me to make my point clear. The previous governments in Somaliland was not dependent on the Aid that came from Aid Organizations. When this current government took power, the first thing that was targeted was Aid Organization.

They were welcomed with open hands. The International Aid Organizations has been bombing the money since this current government became in charge. This large sum of money that has been bombed to the country will have a negative effect in the near future. Why do I say this? The international community has been against the independence of Somaliland, therefore; it is possible the international community would use the aid for weapon to punish Somaliland if the people of Somaliland refuse to accept the Somalia federal system.

If Somaliland refused to participate in the federal system, the international community will stop the funds. The money will be discontinued and every business, person and politicians will go involuntarily at Mogadishu. In another scenario, the next elected government would be facing an honorable situation.

The negotiations between Somalia and Somaliland will definitely initiated by international organizations. If future elected Somaliland government will not elaborate, they will pull the plug.

Osman Awad