SOMALILAND: Muse Bihi, a Thing of the Past: Let’s Unify Our Front

Mr. Bihi’s game in the Party came to an end for good, “though the arbitration as partial as it could be, I conceded for the sake of our country” Chairman Muse Bihi stated sorrowfully but the outcome of the Guurti didn’t petrify him as the final decision was apparent to everyone.

Earlier this month, Muse Bihi incurred a debt of half million dollars to hold the party conference independent of Silanyo’s influence. The government defaulted, but he remained optimistic and bought presidential suit. Silanyo a master of survival according to Mohamed Tani’s amazingly instructive article neutralized Muse’s political potency but not removed him from the political stage to use him further in the future to scupper any chance someone else may seize.

Muse Bihi is the last person of the same ethnic whose political career was abruptly terminated by the president. But to where does he go from here? He has only two options: to remain in the party and do what his master tells him to do or leave the party ceremonial chairmanship and join the opposition party and challenge the president to show how his muscles or weight.

Some of his fans think Muse would leave the party and resign not to lose his popularity, but others say he won’t, he is not a man of good decisions. However; the president is not short of pliant leaders from Agabar’s roster to pick and nominate to replace Muse Bihi in case he feels tired of the party’s motto “ justice for all” . Sheikh Samale is here looking out of his window laughing at Bihi disgracefully giving up his ambitions after he hit a brick wall.


His Excellency President Silanyo who in search of power for almost five decades outlawed parties’ formation for certain ethnics in Somaliland to distance the chance of leading the country in the future. Forget about the next five years.

But in retrospect, great men of the same ethnic lines were kicked out of politics; Muse won’t be the last one. But that change the unconditional support Silanyo enjoys? Or business will be as usual. I mean Sheikh Samale will replay the same movie by saying “ I’ve signed a deal with the president to include into his will as a “lovely” son of Gar-adag semi-biological child, so keeping voting for him!

But denying Muse’s right to candidacy underlines the fact Silanyo and his clannish backers are not content with the party candidacy nor hand off the chairman to perform insignificant duties, not the key tasks to console himself that he partially won.

The race to Somaliland State House is extremely dangerous. With or without papers neither guarantees nor disqualifies. It only needs someone ready to take risks ahead or one will be pliant leaders under the yoke of his kingmakers. That is what we’ve seen since Riyale left the power peacefully.